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Testimonials about R5 Productions
letters of recommendation :: connecticut
"Thanks again for doin what you do in a way that really reaches these kids' souls. I might add that our faculty was equally impressed with the presentation. Our response from the parents was very positive. The only complaint, 'I wish I was there...my kids loved it.'"
Kathy Irr
St. Bernard High School
St. Bernard, CT
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"Literally everyone in our school, including most of the staff could relate to the messages you brought with a very powerful stage performance. We try to send the same messge to our kids, that barriers can be broken with effort, and they are all worth the effort we take to help them along their individual pathways to success."
Bob Sampson Jr.
Science Teacher, Norwich High School
Norwich, CT
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"[R5] high-energy presentation was both exhilarating and startling. Indeed, it was serious in the scope of the issues surrounding the dangers of drug abuse, the consequences of bad decisions, and the importance of determination and commitment."
Edward Derr
Principal, Norwich High School
Norwich, CT
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"...The biggest compliment they could get from high school students was that at the end of the presentation when the dismissal bell rang releasing students for the day, most of them stayed..."
 student testimonial
"The show was great, it told the truth about much of my life. It helped me out in ways I didn't think it would."
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Many of the letters refer to "RYI" or "Radical Youth Invasion", which was our name prior to January, 2004.
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