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Testimonials about R5 Productions
letters of recommendation :: iowa
"I just wanted to let you know how much the staff and students enjoyed the presentation on Monday. I have been in several classes and have asked what the students thought. It has been 100% thumbs up in every class. The teachers also appeared to like the assembly. Our principal said it was a very valuable assembly and the timing was perfect for our school as we get ready to take ITBS test."
John Augustine
School Counselor, Miller Middle School
Marshalltown, IA
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"It wasn’t a typical “don’t do drugs” speech. I couldn’t believe the engagement of our students. Our presenter for the assembly was Mike Donahue and he did a fantastic job. I also bought his book, Reinventing My Normal, and the students have been checking it out in order to read it."
Marsha Phillips
East Sac County High School
Lake View, IA
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"This was an assembly that fit the recommendations from staff and students in that we try to find presentations that are applicable, reach students, and are uplifting, rather than purely informational and depressing. R5 accomplished that with an upbeat assembly."
Greg Adams
Principal 6-12/Curriculum Director, Riceville Community School District
Riceville, IA
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"R5 visited our school this year and definitely had a positive impact on our student body. Mike’s energy and positive attitude really grabbed our students’ attention, and his message kept their attention. It is important for teens to know that there are ways to deal with their problems other than turing to drugs, alcohol or other self-deprecating behaviors. The 60 minutes our student spent with Mike were well worth it."
Alynn Coppock
Principal, Newell-Fonda High School
Newell, IA
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"Some of our FCCLA student leaders recommended that we have R5 Productions come to visit our school and talk with our students. Mike Donahue was our R5 Productions speaker. His message was truly one of hope. It was very powerful. The students cheered for each other, their teachers, their peers, and their community support. It was an amazing morning."
Kerry Newman
Principal, Glenwood Community High School
Glenwood, IA
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"The days of a speaker standing at a microphone telling students not to drink and drive and expecting them to listen are over. After R5's assembly presentation, the response was overwhelming." (R5 second visit)
Allison DiBlasi
Guidance Counselor, Ames High School
Ames, IA
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"[R5] captivated the attention of our students and delivered a tremendous non-religious message. Our students both enjoyed the program and were moved emotionally."
Mark Smith
Kirn Jr. High School
Council Bluffs, IA
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"Your second presentation, which students say was even more dynamic than the first visit, had a method of making th emessage personal and meaningful to students AND adults. The silence a the apex of the program was deafening."
Michael Oleson
Phillips Middle School
Fort Dodge, IA
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"OUTSTANDING! The [R5] program held yesterday at Creston High School touched more kids and had a greater impact on them and our staff than any assembly I have seen in my 17 years as and educator."
Todd Wolverton
Creston High School
Creston, IA
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"At a time when budget constraints limit schools' ability to offer quality presentations at a low price, this group is exactly what you've been searching for."
Steve Lane
Superintendent, Malvern Community School District
Malvern, IA
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"...The biggest compliment they could get from high school students was that at the end of the presentation when the dismissal bell rang releasing students for the day, most of them stayed..."
 student testimonial
"The show was great, it told the truth about much of my life. It helped me out in ways I didn't think it would."
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Many of the letters refer to "RYI" or "Radical Youth Invasion", which was our name prior to January, 2004.
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