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Testimonials about R5 Productions
letters of recommendation :: minnesota
"I just wanted to tell you what an incredible job you did on Wednesday!!! I think half the student body hunted me down to say that you are the best speaker they have ever heard and to make sure we have you back again next year...."
Mindy L. Butman
School Psychologist, Tracy Area Public Schools
Tracy, MN
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"It was a pleasure to work with Mike Donahue and R5 Productions this past April, 2010. Mike presented two half-day events for our Jr. High and High School students. He was easily able to hold the students' attention with his mix of humor, vulnerability and relevancy. The kids related to his stories, and he related life lessons to students in easy to understand ways."
Tammi Samuelson
School Counselor, Butterfield-Odin Public School
Butterfield, MN
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"The group gave an hour-long presentation at our school this month and I felt that the presentation had a great impact with our students. The presentation worked because the subject matter is universally important, and the presentation was very honest and hip. I didn't see one student lose focus during the event."
Terrance Reisch
Lakeville Area Learning Center
Lakeville, MN
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"They did an excellent job of keeping the interest of the students throughout the entire presentation, creating an unforgettable atmosphere and motivating students to make a difference in the future. During R5's presentation, I looked across the gymnasium and all the students were entralled by Mike's words. The effects R5 had on the students are still evident in our school."
Brooke Aleece
CBG Schools - District 2888
Graceville, MN
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"For any school who brings R5 into their building, please be prepared for a wide range of emotions to surface. I witnessed students crying and hugging each other, students talking to group members, counselors, and administration. All of this occurred, because R5 created trust and understanding as they told their stories. This is a program you don't want to miss!"
Lance Chambers
Principal, Jordan Middle School
Jordan, MN
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"R5 sends a wonderful message to students from all walks of life. Everyone, including staff, will experience a plethora of emotions, and walk away from the program with a rejuvenated sense of pursuing dreams and being tolerant of others."
Kelly Sonsalla
Assoc. Principal, Winona Middle School
Winona, MN
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"...The biggest compliment they could get from high school students was that at the end of the presentation when the dismissal bell rang releasing students for the day, most of them stayed..."
 student testimonial
"The show was great, it told the truth about much of my life. It helped me out in ways I didn't think it would."
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If you have a testimonial about how R5 has impacted you or your school, please fill out this form to contact us.
Many of the letters refer to "RYI" or "Radical Youth Invasion", which was our name prior to January, 2004.
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