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Testimonials about R5 Productions
letters of recommendation :: nebraska
"Several students commented the following day how productive and meaningful your presentation was. Many said it was the best assembly they ever attended."
Joan Lahm
Scotus Central Catholic
Columbus, NE
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"Last year's program was a great experience for our student body. However, this year's program went a step further in promoting acceptance..."
Harv Wewel
5-12 Secondary Principal, Ainsworth Community Schools
Ainsworth, NE
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"The social issues, bullying, peer pressure, and lifetime choices were so well received by our students that several students thanked teachers and administrators for having the program."
Dan Hadden
Principal, Ogallala High School
Ogallala, NE
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"The message and the way it was presented really reached into the hearts of our students. We had students respond to this assembly in ways totally unexpected."
Angela Leifeld
Principal, Jr.-Sr. High Conestoga Public Schools
Murray, NE
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"Bringing Mike Donahue and R5 Productions to Valentine High School was one of the smartest things I have ever done as an administrator for our students. It was money and time well spent. It is without reservation that I recommend Mike Donahue and R5 Productions for any presentation to any age group."
David W. Renning
Principal, Valentine High School
Valentine, NE
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"Too often, kids are 'given a script' in which they are to live their lives. Too often, they feel powerless to change their script into a more positive role. R5 can help them realize this and give them the motivation to try to make that difficult change."
Stephen Grizzle
Principal, West Point Public Schools
West Point, NE
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"Students discussed it for the rest of the day and several approached me telling me how much they enjoyed it. The situations presented were extremely poignant and true-to-life, even for our rural
Jeff Hoesing
Principal, Clearwater Public School
Clearwater, NE
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"As always, the R5 presentation was very powerful, and listed on every group survey as one of the things students liked the best about Health Day."
Connie Russell
Gage County Safe Schools/Healthy Students
Beatrice, NE
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"Students told me, 'This was the best assembly we've ever had.' Teachers told me, 'This was the best assembly we've ever had since I've been here.' I've been in education for over 20 years myself, and it was the best I have ever seen."
Demaris Grant
Principal, Kimball Jr/Sr High School
Kimball, NE
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"Our students feel unwanted and unsuccessful when they arrive at our doors. Your presentation showed them that they can be successfull and there are always other paths to take down the road of life."
Angie Mercier
Principal, Millard Learning Center
Omaha, NE
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"Our student body was silent and attentive for the entire presentation and were buzzing the rest of the day and for days to come about the material presented. "
Mark Adler
Principal, Nebraska City High School
Nebraska City, NE
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"Your presentation of real life issues was essential in making a difference in the lives of our students. Your dynamic presentation skills kept our students firmly focused on the issues that were being addressed. "
Jennifer Schlager
Counselor, North Platte Madison Middle School
North Platte, NE
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"This program addresses real issues that present themselves as obstacles to our youth in a way that keeps the students on the edge of their seats. The messagei s positive and steers clear of offending any group."
Jon Lopez
Plattsmouth High School
Plattsmouth, NE
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"They didn't preach, the didn't lecture - they related to our 400 students. They even related to us older, cynical teachers. One of our staff memebers told me that afternoon, 'I'm relativelynew to teaching, but watching that performance this morning renewed my desire to teach and reach out to students. I feel really good about what I'm doing.' "
Mary Rittenburg
Raymond Central Public Schools
Raymond, NE
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"We have heard many positive comments from both students and teachers/counselors, as well as parents that have questioned their kids about the program. One of the commments we have heard most often is 'it was the best assembly I have ever
Terry Krohn
Director, Two Rivers Public Health Dept.
Holdrege, NE
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"The FCCLA students who attended State Leadership Conference in Loncoln in April were very impressed with the presentation by [R5]. They have requested that I explore the possibility of the group for our District Leadership Conference."
Sharon Smith
District 9 FCCLA Advisor, Wheeler Public Schools
Bartlett, NE
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"R5 Productions was again one of the highlights of our 2004 State Leadership Conference!"
Judy Berg
Nebraska FCCLA Advisor
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"In the twenty-one years that I have taught, I have never seen a group of students who have responded so well to a group's message...Students who attended this presentation are still talking about what it meant to them."
Brenda S. Spencer-Nelson
York Public Schools
York, NE
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"Their performance was entertaining, exhilarating and right on target for today's youth. They had the students involved in activities as well as thinking and analyzing how important it is to make better decisions."
Angela Leifeld
Principal, Mead Jr. & Sr. High School
Mead, NE
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"The team developed a rapport with the students, which is truly amazing for a fifty minute presentation. The willingness of the team to stay around and talk with the students is a testimonial to the commitment they have made to serve youth."
Doyle Denney
Principal, Centennial High School
Utica, NE
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"I can honestly say that because of you guys, our school is a better place. The level of respect that the students showed afterwards was simply stunning. It was as if for one day everyone put everything aside and simply cared for each other."
Stacy Schmid
VP, Millard South High School Student Council
Omaha, NE
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"[R5's] intense presentation left a room full of juvenile justice professionals speechless and teary eyed..."
John Willey
Blue Valley Community Action, Inc.
Fairbury, NE
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"You really touched students who normally consider themselves 'untouchable'. Thank you for putting your lives, your beliefs and yourselves out there in order to help them...We applaud your efforts in touching the lives of a generation that, as you say, is often overlooked."
Gene Hayes
Principal, North High School
Omaha, NE
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"...The biggest compliment they could get from high school students was that at the end of the presentation when the dismissal bell rang releasing students for the day, most of them stayed..."
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"The show was great, it told the truth about much of my life. It helped me out in ways I didn't think it would."
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Many of the letters refer to "RYI" or "Radical Youth Invasion", which was our name prior to January, 2004.
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