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letters of recommendation
Read recommendtion letters from some of our recent assemblies.

Texas Association
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

"Your presentation was powerful. The students rated your session 'over the top' and said they benefited from your expertise and motivation. It is always nice to have someone with such a high level of energy and who knows how to relate to teenagers and has a good message. You are welcome back to Texas any time!"
Miller Middle School
"I just wanted to let you know how much the staff and students enjoyed the presentation on Monday. I have been in several classes and have asked what the students thought. It has been 100% thumbs up in every class. The teachers also appeared to like the assembly. Our principal said it was a very valuable assembly and the timing was perfect for our school as we get ready to take ITBS test."
East Sac County High School
"It wasn’t a typical “don’t do drugs” speech. I couldn’t believe the engagement of our students. Our presenter for the assembly was Mike Donahue and he did a fantastic job. I also bought his book, Reinventing My Normal, and the students have been checking it out in order to read it."
Selah High School
"On multiple occasions, R5 has come to our school and addressed students on the issue of respectful relationships. The students are always so enthralled - they request that we bring them back every year. R5 Productions have presented keynote sessions at state and national Family, Career and Community Leaders of America conferences, and they continue to be brought back each year."
Chappelow Magnet School
"Parents called in stating that the assembly had helped open up a dialog between parent and child that had not existed. The parents thanked us for bringing in someone who could 'relate to their teen.' The walk a mile slogan is living strong at our school."
Riceville Community School District
"This was an assembly that fit the recommendations from staff and students in that we try to find presentations that are applicable, reach students, and are uplifting, rather than purely informational and depressing. R5 accomplished that with an upbeat assembly."
Butterfield-Odin Public School
"Mike’s book Reinventing My Normal is also a great resource. It is written in a clear and teen-friendly voice and is a wonderful addition to my counseling library. It is refreshing to have a presenter that relates well to kids without patronizing them and who really walks the talk. Thanks R5!"
Petoskey High School
"It is easy for me to support R5. I have been personally affected by them. I have rediscovered hope! It is refreshing to be back to that youthful vision that I had when I began my educational career."
Ainsworth Community Schools
Ainsworth, Nebraska- "Last year's program was a great experience for our student body. However, this year's program went a step further in promoting acceptance..."
Congress of the United States
Washington DC - "I hope the stories you and the R5 team members shared will cause those that heard them to think more carefully about the consequenses of their actions."
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 featured testimonial
"...The biggest compliment they could get from high school students was that at the end of the presentation when the dismissal bell rang releasing students for the day, most of them stayed..."
 student testimonial
"The show was great, it told the truth about much of my life. It helped me out in ways I didn't think it would."
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Many of the letters refer to "RYI" or "Radical Youth Invasion", which was our name prior to January, 2004.
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